Monday, May 26, 2008

First draft of cover art for Wes' children's book

This is the first draft of the cover art for my book. The illustrator forgot to add the subtitle "A Fable" underneath the title and he misspelled my last name - otherwise.... What do you folks think?

Preliminary drawing of The Duck from Wes' children's book

I am in the process of having published a children's book entitled "The Best At Nothing - A Fable". This humorous fable follows an ambitious duck as he seeks a gold medal at the Animal Olympics. Determined to be the very best athlete in at least one event, the duck experiences disappointment in himself and envy for the “superior” athletes as he is unable to excel in any single contest. The final event is a triathlon designed to determine the best overall critter in the animal kingdom. The duck earns the prestigious gold medal in this event even though he never places better than second in any leg of this final contest. The duck, along with all other contestants, learn that individual value is determined by considering all of one’s qualities and not by any single act, trait, success, or failure.

The attached illustration is the illustrator's preliminary sketch of The Duck.

Family pics just before Mitch's mission

It's been a while since our last post - we are just getting educated on doing this right. The attached photo shows our whole family with son-in-laws and our niece.