Monday, November 24, 2008

Latest Poem From Wes


There come those times when blood is chilled;
A shiver shakes your spine;
You sense there’s something’s now amiss,
There’s something out of line.

Our home has been a constant din,
For more than twenty years;
Crescendoed kid cacophonies
Of slams and shrieks and tears.

‘Til now, at last, all children grown,
I’m bothered by the sound
Of silence as it screams at me
With not a kid around.

I gave my wife a “hello” kiss,
She asked me for my name.
This house seems so familiar
Yet nothing feels the same.

I can hear the door not slam;
And the stereo not blare.
The bathroom does not hiss and buzz
From blowing dry their hair.

My razor sits unstolen
Right where it belongs;
The fridge is unmolested
By human-locusts throngs.

My feet can feel the floor not thump
As bumps and stomps are gone;
Though not a single rattled dish
How clatter lingers on…

The quiet somehow echoes harsh;
Upon my deafened ears.
How creepy to find switched to off
The racket heard for years.

I never dreamed I’d miss it all,
Life’s constant audio feed;
When, suddenly, nothing happened here,
It was something else indeed!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rachel in the Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular Featuring the Rockettes

Everyone agreed that Audrey (green dress) was HILARIOUS as a wicked step-sister in the high school production of Cinderella. The drama director for SUU has asked her to apply for scholarship.

This year for Halloween we decided not to dress up but to go to the party as ourselves.